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Spam & Virus

All of our hosting clients receive SpamVault at no extra cost.

"SpamVault is the most powerful and easy to setup anti-spam system we've ever found. We love it!"
- Buzz Nofal
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Our Hosting Plans

Email Support
Phone Support
Free Setup
Disk Storage 100mb 50mb
Data Transfer 5000mb/month 2000mb/month
Email Accounts 100 20
Control Panel
File Manager
Email Manager
Site Statistics
Web Site Builder
Private CGI-BIN
Secure Server (SSL)  
HTML Primer
Form Script
Bulletin Board  
Frontpage Extensions
Spam Protection
Virus Protection
Mailing Lists  
Shopping Cart  
Protected Directories  
Site Search Engine  
MySQL Database  
* Forum
* Network Query
* Calendar
* Poll
* Counter (SSI)
* Guestbook
email billing every 3 months
credit card on file every 3 months
credit card on file every 3 months
credit card on file every 6 months
payment 1/year
payment 1/year


Our Basic Hosting Plan

100mb disk storage
30000mb data transfer/month
(Over 98% of the domains we host use less than 100mb disk storage and 3000mb data transfer per month.)
Control Panel which includes:
  Email Manager
  100 POP accounts
  HTML primer
  Web Design Tool
  Site Statistics
  Microsoft Frontpage Extensions
  Secure Server (SSL)
  Shopping Cart
  Password Protected Directories
  Site Wide Search Engine
  Password Change Option
  Search Engine Submission Page
  Private CGI-BIN
  Free Scripts
  Copy & Paste Javascripts
  Plus many more options!

100mb disk storage

Disk storage is the measure of how much information you can store on our servers. What this means is how much information you can have sitting online waiting for your viewers to look at. Everything is measured in bytes to gigabytes.

 Term  Approximate  Actual
Byte = 1 byte = 1 byte
Kilobyte (k or kb) =1,000 bytes =1,024 bytes
Megabyte (m or mb) =1,000,000 bytes =1,048,576 bytes
Gigabyte (g or gb) =1,000,000,000 bytes =1,073,741,824 bytes


1024 bytes=1 kilobyte (kb)
1024 kb=1 megabyte (mb)
1024 mb=1 gigabyte (gb)

The web page you are viewing right now is around 20kb. You could have over 5,000 of these pages on your web site and still be under the 100mb you get with our hosting plan.

You can add disk storage from your control panel but why pay for excessive disk storage if you don't need it?


3000mb data transfer/month

Data transfer is how much data is transferred over the internet from your web site. Data is measured the same as disk storage. Everything is measured in bytes to gigabytes.

 Term  Approximate  Actual
Byte = 1 byte = 1 byte
Kilobyte (k or kb) =1,000 bytes =1,024 bytes
Megabyte (m or mb) =1,000,000 bytes =1,048,576 bytes
Gigabyte (g or gb) =1,000,000,000 bytes =1,073,741,824 bytes


1024 bytes=1 kilobyte (kb)
1024 kb=1 megabyte (mb)
1024 mb=1 gigabyte (gb)

Over 100,000 different viewers could look at this page you are viewing right now and you would not be over your 3000mb of data transfer allowed.

Email Manager

You add and delete email addresses when you want with your control panel.

For our example let's say you want 3 email aliases such as:


You can set these up as follows:

info@yourdomain.com  to be sent to  maryspuppets@aol.com
bill@yourdomain.com  to be sent to  bill@uswest.com
mary@yourdomain.com  to be sent to  marys@hotmail.com

You can also set up autoresponders such as:

Everyone who sends an email to mary@yourdomain.com will also receive an automatic email sent to them. You could set up the message - 'Thanks for emailing me and asking about my paintings. I will get back to you as soon as possible , - Mary'.

Now everyone who emails to mary@yourdomain.com will automatically receive that message.

You can also set up your email account so when you email someone they see the address of yourname@yourdomain.com. This is a type of POP account.


Plus a mailing list option

The Mailing List option allows you to create and manage your own mailing lists, which is an efficient way of communicating with many people at one time.


Plus Web Mail!

Web Mail allows you to receive and send email from any computer in the world that is connected to the Internet. This option is very much like 'Hotmail' that so many use on the Internet.

100 POP accounts

Our basic hosting plans starts accounts with 100 POP accounts. You are only limited in how many POP accounts you can set up by your disk storage or transfer. We host many domains who have over 50 accounts set up.

HTML Primer

We have written an HTML Primer which consists of over 200 pages of basic information on how to write the coding to design your web site. This easy to follow primer will start you at the beginning and work you through until you can design a basic web site.

This primer will show you the basics. Once you learn these there will be no stopping you. Your editor (such as Frontpage) will be much easier to understand. You won't be afraid of making mistakes and if (or should I say when because we all make mistakes?) you do they won't seem so bad. You'll be able to fix most minor glitches and the ones you can't fix just contact us.

Use this HTML Primer at your leisure and don't worry about making mistakes. Work on your site and if you have a problem contact us. We'll look at what you did and help you find any problems.

Web Design Tool

We provide a basic web design tool for every domain we host. This tool will allow you to design a web site with up to 6 pages using one of the predesigned templates. Many will start designing their site with this tool and work their way up to writing their own site after going through our HTML primer. View example here.

Site Statistics




The Site Statistics option on your control panel will have a navigation bar like the bar on the left.

You will be able to track the traffic on your site for the last 12 months.

Keep track of viewers per hour, day or month or use many of the advanced options on the site statistics panel.

Microsoft Frontpage Extensions

You have the option on your control panel of adding or deleting FrontPage extensions. You do not have to contact us (the server) as many hosting companies have you do. There is no lengthy wait or extra cost to add FrontPage extensions to your site.

Secure Pages (SSL)

Our basic hosting accounts can make their pages secure by using our server wide certificate. We give you the exact code to use and it is available on your control panel. Many hosting companies charge extra for this exact service with costs ranging from $5 to $10 per month. And if you can't get this option from your hosting company you will have to purchase your own certificate which will usually cost $125 per year or more.

Shopping Cart


 Graphical, easy-to-use, web-based Administration Suite
html Built-in Credit Card Validation
html Highly Customizable "Look and Feel"
html Unlimited Product Categories and Sub-Categories
html Automatic Shipping and Handling Charges, customized by you!
html Automatic Tax Table, completely customizable
html Product Search Capabilities
html Secure Order Processing
html Online Documentation

Shopping Cart:
Silver - up to 25 items - no additional cost


We give you the exact code to use to do the following:
* Specify to whom you wish your form results to be mailed.
* Specify the subject that you wish to appear in the e-mail that is sent to you after your form has been filled out.
* Provide a realname form field that will allow the user to input their real name. This field is useful for identification purposes and will also be put into the From: line of your message header.
* If you wish to redirect the user to a different URL, rather than having them see the default response to the fill-out form, you can use a hidden variable to send them to a pre-made HTML page. Many times this is called a 'thank you page' because designers will put a thank you on a page for the submitter to see after they send the form.
* You can require certain fields in your form to be filled in before the user can successfully submit the form. If the required fields are not filled in, the user will be notified of what they need to fill in, and a link back to the form they just submitted will be provided.

There are also many other options available for your forms. All coding and any help you may need are available from your control panel.

There is also coding for forms that you can copy and paste into your site.

And of course we provide support if you are unfamiliar with forms or if you have special requirements.


Your control panel has complete instructions on installing counters.

The basic counter looks like the image below:

You can adjust the appearance with a few basic code changes.

You can also set the count at whatever you want from your control panel.

Password Protected Directories

Your control panel has the option to allow you to password-protect specific directories within your account.

You can limit the amount of access users have to a specific directory. You can specify a username and password for the directory you are protecting. Each protected directory can have multiple users (each with different passwords if you prefer) who have access to it. Additionally, the Protect Directories option can be used to remove a user's access from a protected directory.

Site Wide Search Engine

The Search Engine Option allows you to install the WebGlimpse Search Engine on your site. This tool allows users to perform searches for content on your site.

Of course we will help you set up this feature if you have any problems.

Password Change Option

You access your control panel, FTP and Frontpage with the same username and password.

Things change and maybe you have given access to your site to someone who no longer should have access. You can change your password whenever you need to with this option on your control panel.

Search Engine Submission Page

Your control panel has an option where you can get some basic tips on search engine submission. There are also links to the major search engines where you can submit your site whenever you want.


ASP is usually something that is unique to Windows based servers, and MinnesotaShopper uses all Linux (Unix) based servers. Through software called Chili!Soft, we can now offer ASP on our Linux servers. Sun[] ONE Active Server Pages 4.0 (formerly Sun Chili!Soft ASP) is Sun's latest cross-platform Active Server Pages engine for the Sun ONE and Apache Web servers. ASP applications, created from popular Web authoring tools such as Macromedia's Dreamweaver MX, can now benefit from the secure, highly available and scalable architecture of the Sun ONE platform.

Free Scripts

We will install these for you!
  Forms - A form script that will allow your viewers to submit information to you and you receive that information at your email address.
  Bulletin Board - A simple bulletin board that viewers can add their own comments or comment directly to others postings. You can delete any or all comments at any time.
  Guestbook - A very nice guestbook that allows your viewers to add their comments about your web site.

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